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Mike Trader's Basketball Camps
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Mike Trader's Mid-America Basketball Camps

Camp Coaching Staff

As one of the most popular and successful camps in the Midwest, Coach Trader will assemble an outstanding staff of college and high school coaches that will work with you to develop your skills and fundamentals. Coach Trader believes in hiring the best and most enthused coaches possible. In addition, Bill Gavers of Hastings College will help Coach Trader in directing the camps. Each day fundamentals, skills, and techniques will be emphasized and covered thoroughly by our outstanding coaches and counselors.

Bill Gavers
Camp Staff

Coach Gavers is in his fifth year as head coach of the Hastings College Broncos. Coach Gavers had a tremendous career as the Head Coach at Grand Island Central Catholic for 22 years. Coach Gavers brings unbelievable enthusiasm to our camps and a great knowledge of the game.